ASME Standards & Certification Leadership and Training Modules

The ASME Standards & Certification (S&C) Leadership and Training Modules have been created to provide an introduction to the administrative, procedural, and legal matters involved in ASME S&C Standards Development and Conformity Assessment.

These modules are made available in both Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft PowerPoint formats and are intended for either group training or individual study. Prospective members, new committee members, and experienced committee members are all encouraged to review these modules. They are organized into several subdivisions and include references at the end of each submodule with resources for further information.

Module A – Administrative

A1 - Tools and Resources (PDF/PPT) [8/18/2021]
A2 - Standards and Certification Products (PDF/PPT) [6/18/2020]
A3 - Membership Maintenance (PDF/PPT) [10/6/2017]
A4 - Honors and Awards (PDF/PPT) [4/20/2017]
A5 - Publishing Codes and Standards (PDF/PPT) [6/9/2023]
A6 - Productive Meetings and Appropriate Ballot Comments (PDF/PPT) [1/18/2018]

Module B – Process

B1 - ASME Organizational Structure (PDF/PPT) [6/22/2017]
B2 - Standards Development: Staff and Volunteer Roles and Responsibilities (PDF/PPT[6/8/2023]
B3 - Conformity Assessment: Committees and Staff Roles and Responsibilities (PDF/PPT) [5/10/2018]
B4 - Establishing and Sunsetting Standards Projects (PDF/PPT) [5/21/2020]
B5 - Consensus Process for Standards Development (PDF/PPT) [12/14/2016]
B5A - Project Management (PDF/PPT) [4/18/2017]
B6 - The Basics of Parliamentary Procedure (PDF/PPT) [4/22/2016]
B7 - The Appeals Process (PDF/PPT) [6/27/2018]
B8 - International Standards Development (PDF/PPT) [6/8/2023]
B8A – US TAG to International Standards Organization (ISO) Standards Development (PDF/PPT) [11/11/2015]
B9 - ASME Conformity Assessment Programs (PDF/PPT) [10/16/2015]
B10 - Performance Based Standards (PDF/PPT) [9/7/2017]
B11 - Standards Inquiries, Interpretations and Cases (PDF/PPT) [12/7/2015]

Module C – Legal

C1 - Conflict of Interest / Code of Ethics (PDF/PPT) [9/26/2018]
C2 - Antitrust (PDF/PPT) [9/26/2018]
C3 - Torts (PDF/PPT) [10/24/2018]
C4 - Intellectual Property (PDF/PPT) [4/21/2020]
C5 - Speaking for the Society (PDF/PPT) [10/29/2018]

Interested in Participating
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