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You can use the ASME Certificate Holder Search to find companies that have been evaluated and approved by ASME. Simply search for manufacturers by name, location, or certificate type to find information including the certificate type, number, scope, when the certificate was authorized, when it expires, and if it has been extended as well as contact information for the company.

When you use an ASME certified company as a source for parts or services, you can rest assured that the company has been assessed and certified based on its demonstrated ability to meet the requirements of an ASME standard. In this way, the ASME product certification programs provide a vital service to the enhancement of public safety and facilitation of international commerce.

When sourcing products and materials through an ASME certified company, you know that company's quality systems have been through a rigorous review process including an on-site assessment by a third-party review team.


For more than 100 years, ASME standards and related product certifications have formed an interlocking system based on:

  • Safety Standards: A set of requirements developed by volunteer technical experts using an open and transparent consensus process.
  • Product Certifications: A program built upon the safety standards wherein the quality systems of a manufacturer are assessed and certified based on the manufacturer's demonstrated ability to meet the requirements of an ASME standard.
  • Certification Mark: A mark used by certified companies that is placed upon manufactured items. The symbol is designed to provide users with a high degree of confidence that the stamped items conform to established safety standards

The Standards & Certification process may involve independent, third-party inspection during the process, uniform qualification of inspectors, and acceptance by government entities. It is the common understanding and confidence and trust in this system that has enabled regulated equipment built in one jurisdiction to be readily accepted for installation in another.

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