Groups, Sections, and Technical Divisions

Members can engage with various ASME official groups (Sections & Technical Divisions.) Official groups are led by ASME volunteers.

Professional Sections

Provides Local, Geographic Engagement

Sections are ASME local chapters. Each ASME member is assigned to a local section (if available), based on their geographic location. For example, the Boston Section. Find more information on your section using the Volunteer Leadership Directory.

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Student Sections

Student Sections represent ASME at University/College campuses globally. The Sections enrich the engineering student experience and prepare students to enter the professional realm, by providing mentoring, volunteer and leadership opportunities.

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Technical Division

Provides Engagement Via Technical Interest

Technical Divisions are groups formed around specified technical interests. Many Technical Divisions contribute to ASME Conferences, Journals and other technical content. ASME Members can identify up to five Technical Divisions they would like to be affiliated with. For example, the Bioengineering Division.

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List Technical Divisions

Advanced Energy Systems Division
Aerospace Division
Applied Mechanics Division
Bioengineering Division
Computers & Information In Engineering Division
Design Engineering Division
Dynamic Systems & Control Division
Electronic & Photonic Packaging Division
Environmental Systems Division
Fluid Power Systems & Technology Division
Fluids Engineering Division
Heat Transfer Division
Information Storage & Processing Systems Division
Internal Combustion Engine Division
Microelectromechanical Engineering Division
Management Division
Manufacturing Engineering Division
Materials Division
Materials and Energy Recovery Division
Materials Handling Engineering Division
Noise Control & Acoustics Division
Nondestructive Evaluation, Diagnosis, and Prognosis
Nuclear Engineering Division
Ocean, Offshore, and Arctic Engineering Division
Petroleum Division
Pipeline Systems Division
Plant Engineering & Maintenance Division
Power Division
Pressure Vessels & Piping Division
Process Industries Division
Rail Transportation Division
Safety Engineering & Risk Analysis Division
Solar Energy Division
Technology & Society Division
Tribology Division


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