Certification and Accreditation

ASME Certification informs customers, industry, and regulators around the world that your products meet the highest standards for safety, quality, and reliability.

We Live in a Global Marketplace

Today's world is an interconnected environment where growth is fueled by international trade. ASME’s Conformity Assessment (CA) Certification and Accreditation programs have helped leverage the playing field for many businesses, enabling them to enter new markets, compete, and win.

Certification helps companies comply with regulations, achieve process efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase their product's quality and safety. Invest in an ASME CA program and inform customers, industry, and regulators around the world that your products meet the highest standards for safety, quality, and reliability.

  • Discover new market opportunities​
  • Gain global trust and recognition​
  • Drive operational efficiencies​
  • Level the playing field

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ASME Quality Assurance Program

Gain a Competitive Edge​

ASME's Conformity Assessment program is the leading, universally recognized, independent Quality Assurance (QA) program.​

  • The ASME Certification Mark assures quality, reliability, and safety​
  • ASME Certification inspires trust and confidence in your products​
  • ASME stamped products are globally recognized and accepted​
  • Investing in ASME Certification helps companies compete in global markets
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ASME Certification supports global trade by establishing trust in the products or services being sold across the supply chain. This enables companies to enter, compete, and win in new markets. Learn about ASME Certification, getting certified, and how it can benefit your business by watching one of our free, on-demand webinars.

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The ASME Mark is used across multiple products and industries.

Accreditation Programs​

AIA Accreditation

Accreditation for Authorized Inspection Agencies who inspect ASME Certificate Holders

PRD Testing Lab Accreditation​

Accreditation for laboratories that perform capacity certification tests of pressure relief devices

Certification Programs​

Bioprocessing Equipment Certification

Certification of the quality management system ​ for organizations manufacturing tubing and fittings

Boiler/Pressure Vessel Certification

Certification of a boiler or pressure vessel manufacturer’s quality control system

Boiler/Pressure Vessel Parts Certification

Certification for companies who fabricate parts from the design(s) of a BPV Certificate Holder

Nuclear Component Certification

Certification of the quality assurance program for manufacturers of nuclear components

Nuclear Material Org Certification​

Certification of the material organization’s quality system program for nuclear component materials

Nuclear Quality Assurance Certification

Certification of the quality assurance program of nuclear safety product or service providers

RTP Certification

Certification of quality control system for Reinforced Thermoset Plastic Corrosion-Resistant Equipment

Quality Program for Suppliers​

Establishes essential requirements for a commercial or industrial manufacturer’s quality program

Learn About Our 4 Phase Certification Process

During this phase, you'll review all relevant information for your program, obtain any required standards, setup an agreement with an Authorized Inspection Agency, prepare your quality manual and train your personnel.​

For the application, you’ll setup your CA Connect account, complete the application, submit your signed Accreditation and Certification Agreement Form, and send in all associated fees.

For the assessment, ASME will review your quality manual and the quality program implementation, ensuring its adequate implementation and that it complies with any ASME standard requirements.​

ASME will grant a certificate once you have successfully demonstrated the implementation of your quality program. ​

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