Hugs Influence Exoskeleton Design

A new exoskeleton promises more balance and comfort to paraplegics and stroke victims.

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April 24, 2015
  • Global Impact

    Video: The U.S. Global Development Lab

    In the latest installment of’s TED-style video series, Dr. Annica Wyman of USAID discusses her organization’s efforts to end extreme poverty throughout the world.

  • Energy

    Podcast: Dual Fuel Engines for Hydraulic Fracturing

    Jonathan Rathert, a natural gas product manager at Cummins, Inc., talks about the role of dual-fueled engines in meeting emissions standards.

  • Bioengineering

    Sensor Sensibility

    Thanks to a pen developed by UCSD researchers, sensors can now be drawn onto any surface in any design imaginable.


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