Design Engineering Division

Design Engineering Division (DED) fosters understanding and research covering the art, science, and application of design engineering to the product realization process including conception, evolution and manufacturing of products.


To contact any of these leaders, use the ASME Volunteer Leader Directory (VLD).

Dumitru (Mickey) Caruntu
University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley

Chair | July 2023 – June 2024

Scott Ferguson
North Carolina State University

Vice Chair | July 2023 – June 2024

Brian Feeny
Michigan State University

Secretary | July 2023 - July 24

Scarlett Miller
Pennsylvania State University

Conference Executive | July 2023 – June 2024

Mary Frecker
Pennsylvania State University

Technical Committee Executive | July 2023 - June 2024

Michael Kokkolaras
McGill University

Publications | July 2023 - July 2024

Stefano Lenci
Polytechnical University of Marche

Awards | July 2023 - July 2024

Dane Quinn
University of Akron

Past Chair | July 2022 – June 2023

Barbara Zlatnik
Staff Contact


Vision Statement

To be the leader, as a division of the Society, covering the art, science, and application of design engineering and to facilitate transfer of design engineering technology between industry, academe and government through programs and publications.

Mission Statement

To develop, promote, encourage, and support our members and technical committees in their quest for technical excellence and professional success in their respective fields, and to provide necessary processes and mechanisms to spawn new initiatives and identify emerging technologies through technical meetings, publications, and member interest activities.

Overview of DED

As the largest technical division in ASME, the long-lasting success of the Design Engineering Division (DED) has been driven by the active participation of its members from thirteen DED technical committees. DED sponsors various events. The flagship event year is the IDETC (International Design Engineering Technical Conferences), jointly hold with the conferences sponsored by the Computers & Information in Engineering (CIE) division. In addition to the IDETC, the technical committees also sponsor sessions at the ASME IMECE each year. 

Activities of Technical Committees are supplemented by the work from DED Standing and Special committees to address the current and emerging issues of DED, improve member experiences, and help DED stay connected with the outside world.

The success of DED is based on the scholarly contributions of its members, collected in the form of journal papers.  The DED currently sponsors six journals including four sole-sponsored journals and two jointly sponsored ones with other divisions. 

One of the most active missions of the DED is to recognize the outstanding research, education, and engineering accomplishments of members of the design engineering community through its vibrant awards program.  There are currently up to twenty-eight awards given out within DED during any two-year period, including four Society-level awards, two Division-level awards, six Division/Committee-level awards, and sixteen Committee-level awards. 

We encourage to particpate in the DED activities and join one of the DED technical committees.  Please contact the DED leaders for further information.


The activities of the division are directed by an Executive Committee, which establishes the Division's policy and goals. The Executive Committee is supported by other committees as needed.

Interested in volunteering? Leaders of these committees can be contacted via the ASME Volunteer Leadership Directory (VLD).

  • Executive Committee
  • Connect with our Technical Committees
    • Design Automation (DAC)
    • Design Education (DEC)
    • Design for Manufacturing and the Life Cycle (DFMLC)
    • Design Theory and Methodology (DTM)
    • Fastening and Joining (F&J)
    • Mechanisms and Robotics (M&R)
    • Mechatronic and Embedded Systems and Applications (MESA)
    • Micro & Nano Systems (MNS)
    • MultibodySystems and Nonlinear Dynamics (MSND)
    • Power Transmission and Gearing (PTG)
    • Reliability, Stress Analysis & Failure Prevention (RSAFP)
    • Vehicle Design (VDC)
    • Vibration and Sound (TCVS)

Journal Affiliations

The DED currently sponsors six journals including four sole-sponsored journals and two jointly sponsored ones with other divisions. 

To submit a paper to a journal, visit the Journal web page.

Honors & Awards

Recognition of outstanding achievement in engineering is one of the major objectives of ASME. Through its programs of honors and awards, ASME recognizes outstanding contributions to the art and science of engineering.

Nominations link for processing Society and Division awards: Unit Awards

Below please find the list of awards, the link where you can find award description, the deadline, and the email where to send the nomination.

Society Level Awards

Nomination packages should be e-mailed to Lelia Persaud (, cc to Stefano Lenci (

Division Level Awards

Nomination packages should be e-mailed to Stefano Lenci (

Technical Committee Awards

For nominations to the TC awards, and for their deadline, please contact the Chair of the technical committee by using the ASME Volunteer Leadership Directory (VLD)

After last year’s successful awards program, that led to a number of prestigious awardees, we are now starting the 2024 edition of ASME Design Engineering Division Awards, to recognize distinguished scholars from our community. You are strongly invited to submit valuable nominations.

The deadline for ASME Design Engineering Society and Division Level Award nominations is February 1, 2024. Please find the list of awards, the link where you can find award description and the email where to send the nomination in the Call for Nominations flyer.

Call for Nominations Flyer

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