Ruth and Joel Spira Outstanding Design Educator Award

The Ruth and Joel Spira Outstanding Design Educator Award was established as a division award in 1998. The Award was elevated to a Society award in 2001 to recognize a person who exemplifies the best in furthering engineering design education through vision, interactions with students and industry, scholarship and impact on the next generation of engineers, and a person whose action serves as a role model for other educators to emulate.

Nomination Form
Nomination Instructions

Form of Award: $1000, vermeil medal and certificate
Limitation(s): None
Administrative Responsibility: Design Engineering Division
Nomination Deadline: February 1
Nomination Sent To:
Phone Number: 212-591-7071
Awarded By: Committee on Honors (COH)


2001 Ken Wallace
2002 Kenneth J. Waldron
2003 Woodie C. Flowers
2004 Clive L. Dym
2005 Gary L. Kinzel
2006 John S. Lamancusa
2007 Panos Y. Papalambros
2008 Kosuke Ishii
2010 Sridhar Kota
2011 Farrokh Mistree
2012 David Wallace
2013 Douglass J. Wilde
2014 Kevin Craig
2015 Alice M. Agogino
2016 Kathryn W. Jablokow
2017 Gül E. Okudan Kremer
2018 Alexander H. Slocum
2019 Janet K. Allen
2020 Jonathan Cagan
2021 Timothy W. Simpson
2022 Kamran Behdinan

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