Kos Ishii-Toshiba Award

ASME Unit:   Design Engineering Division
Date Established:   2011
Achievement:   For sustained and meritorious contributions to design for manufacturing and the life cycle
Nomination Deadline:   3/1
Form of Award:   Beveled Glass Plaque Honorarium ($1500)
Frequency of Award:   Annual
Administrative:   Design for Manufacturing and the Life Cycle (DFMLC)
Level of Award:   Section
Selected By:   Kos Ishii-Toshiba award selection committee (Three DFMLC executive committee members and two past winners)
Selecting Process:   Review of nomination package (a cover letter, a curriculum vitae, and minimum three letters of recommendation) and majority voting
Funding:   Kos Ishii-Toshiba funds (04-0204)
Date Created:   6/28/2010
Date Modified:    
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Winners of the Kos Ishii-Toshiba Award

2011 - Satyandra K. Gupta (University of Maryland, College Park)
2012 - David O. Kazmer (University of Massachusetts-Lowell)
2013 - Karthik Rmani (University of Purdue
2014 - Deborah Thurston (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
2015 - Kazuhiro Saitou (University of Michigan)
2016 - Gül Kremer (The Pennsylvania State University)