William F. Milliken Award

ASME Unit:

Design Engineering Division (DED)

Date Established: 2013
Achievement: Candidates are measured against some of the primary characteristics that defined Milliken's career. These include: deep curiosity, persistence to see complex tasks to completion, and a multi-disciplinary (and/or multi-industry) breadth of experience. William Milliken also demonstrated the importance of combining strong fundamentals and theory with experimentation and practical applications. Candidates should exhibit these characteristics through their original work on ground vehicles or vehicle engineering education.
Limitations: Outstanding researcher, engineer or educator
Nomination Deadline: 2/1
Form of Award: Certificate with a testimonial, which is presented to the awardee after his/her lecture presentation at the same year ATV Conference. The Awardee’s paper is archived in the ASME e-library. Travel, hotel and conference registration fee expenses are covered by VDC.
Frequency of Award: Annual
Administrative: Vehicle Design Technical Committee (VDC)
Level of Award: Division
Selected By: Dr. Vladimir Vantsevich, founder and organizer of the Award and past Chair of VDC, Current Chair of ASME Vehicle Design Technical Committee, Committee of Vehicle Design Technical Committee Past Chairs, Douglas Milliken
Selecting Process:

Nomination packages should include a letter of nomination, the candidate'/s CV, and a maximum of 3 letters of support. Candidates may self-nominate. All nomination packages must be submitted electronically. The deadline for the receipt of nomination packages is February 1. Submit all nomination packages and inquiries to the name and email address: Prof. Vantsevich, vantsevi@uab.edu

Funding: Vehicle Design Committee

Winners of the William F. Milliken Award

2016Dan Williams
2015Dr. J. Karl Hedrick
2014Raymond R. McHenry
2013Dr. Thomas D. Gillespie

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