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The Power Division was organized in 1920, when ASME membership had grown to over 13,000 and it was decided to set up several divisions to better advance related professional activities.


The Power Division was organized in 1920, when ASME membership had grown to over 13,000 and it was decided to set up several divisions to better advance related professional activities.  The Power Division is a network of current and future engineering professionals advancing the generation of resilient, sustainable, and reliable electric power in harmony with the environment.  The Division sponsors professional publications, meetings, classes and discussions, and provides a forum for engineers who are interested in the design development, selection, operation, maintenance, economics, environmental effects, research, and education related to power production equipment and facilities.

In support of ASME's Mission & Vision, the Power Division Sponsors the following:

Power R&D Conference
ASME Foundation Inspire Program (K-12)

Many volunteers work together in various committees to accomplish the goals of ASME and the Power Division.  These committees are catagorized as Techncial or Administrative based upon the subject matter they cover.  Power Division Technical & Administrative Committees are as follows:

Digital Twins & Cyber-Physical Systems Technical Committee
Advanced Renewables Technical Committee
Fuels, Combustion and Material Handling Technical Committee
Steam Generators Technical Committee
Heat Exchangers Technical Committee
Steam Turbines, Generators and Auxiliaries Technical Committee
Plant Operations and Maintenance Technical Committee
Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM) Technical Committee
Renewable Energy and Advanced Technology Technical Committee 
Combustion Turbines and Combined Cycles Technical Committee
Power Conference Committee

Honors & Awards

Recognition of outstanding achievement in engineering is one of the major objectives of ASME. Through its programs of honors and awards, ASME recognizes outstanding contributions to the art and science of engineering.

Society Level Awards

Division Level Award (JOINT ASME/AIME)

  • Percy W. Nicholls Award


A proposal for promotion to Fellow must be initiated by a Fellow or a member of ASME and supported by at least four additional sponsors, two of whom must be Fellows or Members of ASME. Sponsors who are not Fellows or Members of ASME must have an acceptable understanding of the Society's criteria, a thorough knowledge of the candidate's qualifications, and a sound basis for judgment. Click here to learn more about the Fellow Grade of membership.

Nominations link for processing division awards.
Unit Awards

Important Award Information For Recipients of Monetary Awards

Please note that honorariums cannot be distributed without receipt of applicable tax forms. If you are a recipient of a monetary award, you will be contacted by ASME staff regarding tax forms you will need to complete, as well as how to submit them to us.


Brian Wodka
Chair | July 2022 - June 2023

Tina Toburen
Immediate Past Chair | July 2021 - June 2022

George Mesina
Vice Chair | July 2022 - June 2023

Navid Goudarzi
Programming Chair | July 2022 - June 2023

Sarvenaz  Sobhansarbandi
Student & Early Career Program Chair | July 2022 - June 2023

Andre Teixeira
Member | July 2022 - June 2023


Keli Bell-Cole
Staff Contact | August 2018 - Open

Jamie Hart, Senior Manager
Technical & Engineering Communities (TEC) Operations at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
Staff Contact | May 2021 - Open


Links to helpful online resources related to the division are below. If you have suggestions for other resources, please contact the division chair or ASME staff.

  • ASME Landmarks Program
    Landmarks, sites and collections of historic importance to mechanical engineering are designated by ASME through its History and Heritage Landmarks Program.

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