Henry R. Worthington Medal

The Henry R. Worthington Medal is bestowed for eminent achievement in the field of pumping machinery, systems and concepts. Such achievement may be, for example, in the areas of research, development, design, innovation, management, education or literature.

The award was established by Worthington Pump, Inc. in 1980.

Award Nomination Form
Nomination Instructions

Form of Award: $5000, bronze medal, certificate, and a $750 travel allowance
Limitation(s): None
Administrative Responsibility: Petroleum Division
Nomination Deadline: September 30
Nomination Sent To: Bruno Schiavello
Phone Number: 908-339 8313
E-mail: brschiavello@gmail.com
Awarded By: Committee on Honors (COH)


1980 Igor J. Karassik 1993 Paul Cooper 2014 Gerald L. Morrison
1981 Warren G. Whippen 1994 Edward Grist 2015 Jinkook Lee
1982 Allan J. Acosta 1995 William E. Nelson 2016 Bruno Schiavello
1983 Calvin A. Gongwer 1996 Richard F. Salant 2017 Yu-Tai Lee
1984 Harold H. Anderson 1997 Thomas J. Fritsch 2018 Jaikrishnan R. Kadambi
1985 Samuel L. Collier 1999  Frank Weis 2019 Akira Goto
1986 Warren H. Fraser 2000 Peter H. Hergt 2020 Ryoichi S. Amano
1987 John E. Miller 2003  Stuart L. Scott 2021 Robert J. Visintainer
1988 Raymond B. Furst 2009 Manfred Rautenberg 2022 Paul U. Thamsen
1989 Kenneth L. Treiber 2010 David Japikse 2023 Mehrdad Zangeneh
1990 Irving Taylor 2011 Donald Sloteman    
Dara W. Childs 2012 Abraham Engeda    
Elemer Makay 2013 Steven M. Tipton    

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