George Westinghouse Medals

George Westinghouse Medals

The George Westinghouse Medals were established to recognize eminent achievement or distinguished service in the power field of mechanical engineering. The Silver Medal is bestowed upon one who is not yet 45 on June 30 of the year in which the medal is awarded. Considering power in the broad sense, the basis of the awards shall include contributions of utilization, application, design, development, research, and the organization of such activities in the power field.

To perpetuate the value of the rich contribution to power development made by George Westinghouse, Honorary Member and Twenty-ninth President of the Society, the Westinghouse Educational Foundation established the Gold Medal in 1952 and the Silver Medal in 1971.

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Form of Award:

A $1500 honorarium, a gold medal, a certificate, and a travel supplement not to exceed $750.

A $1000 honorarium, a silver medal, a certificate, and a travel supplement not to exceed $750.

Limitation(s): Silver Medal to one under 45
Administrative Responsibility: Energy Conversion Technical Group
Nomination Deadline: February 1
Nomination Sent To: Leila Persaud
Phone Number: 212-591-7071
Awarded By: Committee on Honors (COH)

George Westinghouse Medal Recipients


1953 Alexander G. Christie 1978 Peter Fortescue 2004 Adel F. Sarofim
1954 Walker L. Cisler 1979 William R. Gould 2005 Subramanyam R. Gollahalli
1955 Hyman G. Rickover 1980 Fred J. Moody 2006 Ben T. Zinn
1956 Perry W. Pratt 1981 Earle C. Miller 2007 Roman Weber
1957 Alfred Iddles 1982 William T. Reid 2008 Edwin A. Harvego
1958 Frederick P. Fairchild 1983 Eugene P. Wilkinson 2009 Essam E. Khalil
1960 Ernest C. Gaston 1984 Joseph R. Szydlowski 2010 Wlodzimierz Blasiak
1961 Gerald V. Williamson 1985 Eugene A. Saltarelli 2011 Nicholas Syred
1962 Edwin H. Kreig 1986 Richard J. Coar 2012 Richard R. Schultz
1963 Abbott L. Penniman, Jr. 1987 Henry O. Pohl 2013 Yiannis A. Levendis
1964 Frederick W. Argue 1988 Warren A. Rhoades, Jr. 2014 Ryoichi S. Amano
1965 Robert A. Bowman 1989 J. Ed Smith 2015 Karen A. Thole
1966 Robert C. Allen 1990 John J. Taylor 2016 Kenneth Bray
1967 Robert A. Baker, Sr. 1991 Ralph J. Ortolano 2017 Alan Williams
1968 Roland A. Budenholzer 1992 Daniel R. Wilkins 2018 Timothy C. Lieuwen
1969 Ralph C. Roe 1993 Frederick W. Buckman 2019 Hameed Metghalchi
1970 Charles A. Meyer 1995 Thomas H. McCloskey 2020 Darrell W. Pepper
  Robert C. Spencer, Jr. 1998 Ashwani K. Gupta 2021 Jovica Riznic
1971 Wilfred McGregor Hall 1999 Atambir S. Rao    
1972 William S. Lee 2000 David G. Lilley    
1973 Bernard F. Langer 2001 János Miklós Beér    
1974 Charles W. Elston 2002 Arthur H. Lefebvre    
1976 John W. Simpson 2003 Yassin A. Hassan    


1972 William E. Rice 1987 Albert D. LaRue 2012 Weihong Yang
1973 Michael A. Ambrose 1989 Leslie D. Kramer 2015 Angela Violi
1974 Shelby L. Owens 1990 Atambir S. Rao 2016 Elia Merzari
1976 Richard V. Shanklin III 1991 John B. Kitto, Jr. 2017 Frédéric Villeneuve
1977 James C. Corman 1993 Stephen R. Reid 2020 Sibendu Som
1978 Romano Salvatori 1995 V.K. "Bindi" Chexal 2021 Brian M. Wodka
1979 Edward W. Stenby 1998 Ting Wang    
1980 Robert L. Gamble 2001 Susumu Mochida    
1981 Ronald Pigott 2003 Jason E. Jenkins    
1982 Leslie D. Kramer 2005 Andrzej Szlek    
1983 Remco P. Waszink 2009 Somrat Kerdsuwan    
1984 William J. Bryan 2010 Timothy C. Lieuwen    
1986 Joseph A. Barsin 2011 Margaret S. Wooldridge    

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