James N. Landis Medal

The James N. Landis Medal is presented for outstanding personal performance in the design, construction, or management of major steam-electric stations using nuclear or fossil fuels. The candidate must also demonstrate personal leadership in humanitarian pursuits, which may include committee activity, Section leadership, or the broad non-technical professional activity of the individual’s engineering society.

The award was established in 1977 in honor of James N. Landis, President of ASME in 1958.

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Form of Award:

$7,500, bronze medal, a certificate and a $750 travel allowance

Limitation(s): None
Administrative Responsibility: Power and Nuclear Engineering Divisions
Nomination Deadline: February 1
E-mail: persaudl@asme.org
Awarded By: Committee on Honors (COH)

James L. Landis Medalists

2023 Frank L. Michell
2017 Yassin A. Hassan
2014 Susumu Mochida
2012 Peter B. Lyons
2010 Regis A. Matzie
2008 Dale E. Klein
2006 Harold R. Denton
2004 Toshiaki Hasegawa, Ashwani K. Gupta
2003 William D. Magwood, IV
2002 Elmer B. Harris
2001 Corbin A. McNeill
2000 P.J. Adam, Jr.
1999 Zack T. Pate
1996 Robert P. McDonald
1995 Eugene V. Abraham
1994 Osmund W. Dixon
1993 Roland J. Jensen .
1992 George V. McGowan
1991 William S. Lee
1990 John E. Dolan
1989 Wallace B. Behnke, Jr.
1987 Warren H. Owen
1986 John W. Turk, Jr.
1984 Mendall H. Long
1983 Byron Lee, Jr.
1982 Huberto R. Platz
1981 Vincent S. Boyer
1980 Harvey F. Brush
1978 William E. Hopkins
1977 James N. Landis

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