James Harry Potter Gold Medal

James Harry Potter Gold Medal

The James Harry Potter Gold Medal recognizes eminent achievement or distinguished service in the science of thermodynamics and its application in mechanical engineering. The basis of the award shall include contributions involving the teaching, appreciation, or utilization of thermodynamic principles in research, development, and design in mechanical engineering.

The award was established in 1980 in honor of James H. Potter.

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Form of Award: $2000, vermeil medal and certificate
Limitation(s): None
Administrative Responsibility: Energy Conversion & Storage Segment
Nomination Deadline: February 1
Nomination Sent To: Leila Persaud
Phone Number: 212-591-7071
E-mail: persaudl@asme.org
Awarded By: Committee on Honors (COH)

James Harry Potter Gold Medal Recipients

1980 Alexander L. London 1999 C. Thomas Avedisian 2016 Derek Bradley
1981 Joseph Kestin 2000 Dimos Poulikakos 2018 Raj M. Manglik
1982 Paul Leung 2001 Kunio Yoshikawa 2020 Nagamangala K. Anand
1983 Kenneth C. Cotton 2003 Aswhani K. Gupta 2021 Tatiana Morosuk
1984 Robert H. Page 2004 Van P. Carey 2022 Kai H. Luo
1985 Warren H. Giedt 2005 Amir Faghri    
1986 Jack P. Holman 2006 Richard O. Buckius    
1988 Richard A. Gaggioli 2007 Satwindar SingSadhal    
1990 Adrian Bejan 2008 Merle C. Potter    
1991 James B. Jones 2009 Claus Borgnakke    
1992 David Japikse 2010 Massoud Kaviany    
1993 George J. Silvestri, Jr. 2011 Mohamad Metghalchi    
1995 Elias P. Gyftopoulos 2012 Essam E. Khalil    
1996 Antonio Valero 2013 S.A. Klein    
1997 Michael J. Moran 2014 Michael R. von Spakovsky    
1998 George Tsatsaronis 2015 Ahmed F. Ghoniem    

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