Corporate Learning FAQs

ASME Learning & Development offers an extensive list of courses which are listed on our website. Any of these courses, depending on instructor’s availability, can be held at your company.
Yes. Courses can be modified to provide new topics or additional content on a given subject. Courses can also be condensed to spend less time on topics that are not required.
You need to provide a training room with audiovisual equipment.
We can work with as few as 8 to as many as 30 participants. The larger the class size, the more cost effective the training becomes, on a per-person basis.
Generally 5-6 weeks are needed from the time we have company approval via receipt of purchase order. This allows us to work with your company and the instructors to tailor the course, set up logistics and order the materials.
By collaborating with neighboring companies who have similar learning needs, your organization can host an ASME course at a shared cost.
Yes, most of our instructors have international experience and are able to deliver courses to a global market. We also have instructors located across the world with local expertise.
ASME In-Company Learning is competitively priced. The cost is based on the number of training days, handout materials (textbooks, notes, code books) and the total number of attendees.
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