Gaps List for Landmark Nominators

Just to give nominators some idea of what they may want to look for . . .

ASME's landmarks program successfully celebrates mechanical engineer innovations, covering many major areas of the profession, such as pumping, mechanical power production, electric power production, power transmission, minerals extraction and refining, manufacturing facilities and processes, food processing, materials handling and excavation, environmental control, water transportation, rail transportation, road and off-road vehicle, air and space transportation, research and development, communications and data processing, agriculture, solid waste processing, musical instruments, textile manufacturing, biomedical engineering, and more. (See the topical index of existing landmarks.)

But landmarks are designated as opportunities or needs arise and not in a consistent, encompassing coverage of the field of mechanical engineering. Diversity of achievement is one of the great strengths of the mechanical engineering discipline. Some areas in which examples have yet to be honored by landmark designation are listed below. Perhaps you know of a likely candidate for landmarking?

Communications: the linotype machine, the power (steam) printing press

Machine Tools (note: check Am. Precision Museum offerings): automatics of all types, single-purpose manufacturing machines (i.e., automobile block), milling machine (universal horizontal, Lincoln, turret <Bridgeport>), metal-cutting band saw (DoAll), grinders, numerically controlled machines (puch tape, other jacquard type), computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines, precision jig borers and grinders (Moore, et al)

Precision Measurement: Johansson and other blocks and standards, micrometer and entire family, coordinate measuring machines, light-wave and other indirect systems, digital readout, dividing engines (linear and angular)

Mass Production Systems apart from above: automation, robotics

Aircraft: rotary and radial engines, Liberty engine, air cooling

Automotive: self-starter, automatic transmission(s), hydraulic brakes, safety glass, steam car

Fire-fighting: steam pumper, aerial ladder

Rail: signalling systems, steel cars

Air Conditioning: industrial and commercial, residential, transportation

Heating: steam, convective systems

Refrigeration: industrial and commercial, domestic, transportation

Pumping and Compressing, and related: large family of reciprocating and rotary pumps, compressors, fans, blowers

Materials Handling and Excavation: bulk transfer devices and systems for ore, grain, coal, and other minerals, gasses, and liquids; mechanical, pneumatic, and other

Textiles and Clothing: the sewing machine (industrial and domestic), family of machinery for carding, spinning, weaving, knitting, etc, (good collection candidates at several museums)

Minerals Extraction: coal, oil, open-pit, and deep-shaft methods involving special equipment; off-shore equipment (platforms, early gas-turbine use, drilling techniques); quarrying

Food Processing: (lots more)

Agricultural Machinery: (endless variety for plowing and harvesting)

Metal Industries, esp. Iron and Steel: blast furnace and pig-iron equipment, steel making (open-hearth furnace, Bessemer converter, electric furnace, special handling equipment), metal-products production (rolling mills, pipe and tube [Manesmann], plate and sheet mills, rod mills, forging presses and hammers)

Other Basic Industries: glass; ceramics; timber and lumber; paper, cardboard, and related

Power Transmission: speed-changing devices, bearings, U joints, chains, belts, and ropes

Packaging: food products, paper, plastic

Controls: (mechanical and pneumatic only)

Domestic Work-saving Devices: washing and other laundry machines, vacuum systems, dish washers

Amusement: roller coasters, heavily engineered rides

Misc. Intricate and Highly Specialized Manufacturing Processes: lenses, antifriction bearings, watches and other micromachinery

Misc.: office machinery (adding machines, calculators, cash registers, typewriters)

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