#266 Carpet Tufting Apparatus


Carpet Tufting Apparatus

ASME Past President Reginald Vachon (center), poses with (l-r) Jay Henry, director, Innovation & Operations Support, Shaw Industries, Melissa Mondello, one of the nominators, ASME Governor Mary Lynn Realff, and Turner Plunkett, vice president, Supply Chain, Shaw Industries. (DSC2024)
The first device to allow carpet production at comparatively high speeds and affordable prices, Ernest Moench’s Carpet Tufting Apparatus combined the process of repeated insertion of loops of thick fiber thread through backing material and cutting the exposed loops to produce cute piles.  

Moench’s Carpet Tufting Machine, which brought mechanization and speed to carpet tufting. (DSC2015)
His mechanization of the ancient method of tufting revolutionized the carpet manufacturing industry.  Approximately 95% of all carpeting is tufted. Machines that were influenced by Moench’s Tufting Apparatus now produce over three quarter of all American carpet – with much of it produced in Dalton, Georgia - referred to as the “Carpet Capital of the World,”-  as well as other neighboring counties

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