Bioengineering Division

Bioengineering Division (BED) is focused on the application of mechanical engineering knowledge, skills and principles from conception to the design, development, analysis and operation of biomechanical systems.


The ASME Bioengineering Division is focused on the application of mechanical engineering knowledge, skills and principles from conception to the design, development, analysis and operation of biological systems.

The Division's technical activities are organized through the Fluid Mechanics, Design, Dynamics, & Rehabilitation, Biotransport, Cell & Tissue Engineering, Solid Mechanics Technical Committees, and the Education Committee.

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Division Journals

Journal of Biomechanical Engineering

Purpose: The Journal of Biomechanical Engineering reports research results involving the application of mechanical engineering principles to the improvement of human health. The scope of relevant topics ranges from basic biology to biomedical applications and includes theoretical, computational, experimental, and clinical studies.

Scope: Biofluid mechanics, including biomicrofluidic systems; Bioheat and biomass transfer; Biomechanics of reproduction and women's health; Bone biomechanics and mechanobiology; Cardiovascular biomechanics; Cell and tissue engineering; Cell mechanobiology and biomechanics; Gait and kinesiology; Growth and remodeling; Injury biomechanics; Mechanics of biomaterials; Orthopedic biomechanics; Physiological systems; Prothesis and artificial organs; Pulmonary biomechanics; Soft and hard tissue biomechanics

Diversity and Inclusion:The Technical Committee on Publications and Communications endorses the commitment of ASME to support diversity and to create and ensure inclusive and ethical practices for publishing as well as the science and engineering professions.


BED Executive Committee 2023-2024:
Chair - Alisa Clyne
Past Chair - Shannon Stott
Secretary - Spencer Lake
Secretary, Elect - Guy Genin
Treasurer - Parisa Saboori
Member, at Large - Craig Goergen
Member, at Large - Josue Sznitman
Member, at Large, Member Affairs - Matthew Fisher
Member, at Large - Jessica Oakes
Member, at Large, Student Relations  - Zhenpeng Qin
Member, at Large - Bob Hauck
Communications & Outreach - Yaling Liu
DEI Committee Chair - Elaheh Rahbar

BED Student Leadership Team:
Shelby White (Chair, ASME BED Student Leadership Committee)


Bioengineering Division Upcoming Activities

Webinar: Generative AI in Engineering Education - Oct 19, 2023 11:00 AM:

Webinar: Use of Generative AI in Research - Nov 9, 2023 11:00 AM:
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Technical Committees

BED Technical Committee

We have a great group of volunteers who work with our Technical Committees to create solutions and networking opportunities to those in bioengineering. Check out the link above to get connected.

Honors & Awards

In addition to nominating members for ASME Fellow Grade, the Division's Awards Committee reviews and selects recipients for the following special recognition awards:

Society Level Awards

Nomination Deadline: September 1

Note: Nomination forms for the above awards are available from each award page linked above.

Division Level Awards

Related Awards

The Fritz J. and Dolores H. Russ Prize is conferred by the National Academy of Engineering, but may be of interest to members of ASME's Bioengineering Division. Please contact NAE directly with questions about or nominations for this award.

Melville Medal
Honorary ASME Member
ASME Medal
Kate Gleason Medal

Important Award Information For Recipients of Monetary Awards

Please note that honorariums cannot be distributed without receipt of applicable tax forms. If you are a recipient of a monetary award, you will be contacted by ASME staff regarding tax forms you will need to complete, as well as how to submit them to us.

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