Savio L-Y. Woo Translational Biomechanics Medal

The Savio L-Y. Woo Translational Biomechanics Medal, established in 2015, recognizes an individual who has translated meritorious bioengineering science to clinical practice through research, education, professional development, and with service to the bioengineering community.

Examples of meritorious activity might be basic bioengineering science that translates into a medical device or equipment, contributes to new approaches of disease treatment, establishes new injury treatment modalities, etc.

Form of Award:  $1000, bronze medal, certificate and a $750 travel allowance
Limitation(s): Candidate must be an active member of the Bioengineering Division.
Administrative Responsibility: Bioengineering Division
Nomination Deadline: September 1
Awarded By: General Awards Committee (GAC)

Savio L-Y. Woo Translational Biomechanics Medalists

2016 B. Barry Lieber
2017 Arthur Erdman
2018 Kyriacos A. Athanasiou
2019 Rita M. Patterson
2020 Mehmet Toner
2021 Danny Bluestein 
2022 Zong-Ming Li
2023 Tamara Reid Bush
2024 Guy M. Genin

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