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Top 5 ASME TechCast Episodes of 2020
The ASME TechCast podcast series brought the voices of engineering innovators to its listeners all throughout 2020. The year was dominated by the coronavirus pandemic, so it makes sense that the most popular episode was a discussion with Qingyan Chen on how to limit the spread of viruses in indoor spaces. But other engineering concerns also garnered attention. Senior editor John Kosowatz spoke about his reporting on companies looking to expand manufacturing operations beyond China, while Lockheed Martin’s Noah Fehrenbacher discussed the use of digital twin technology at that aerospace giant. Alan Hitchcox, longtime editor in chief of Hydraulics and Pneumatics magazine, sat down with our Carlos González, special projects manager, to delve into what’s new in fluid power, and Laura McGill, vice president of engineering at Raytheon, explained the digital engineering skillsets that the defense industry prizes today.

If you missed one of these episodes, now is a great time to catch up.
1. Ventilation System to Prevent Virus Spread

2. Is There an Alternative to China?

3. Lockheed Martin’s Digital Twin Journey

4. The Unknown Strengths of Fluid Power

Skills You Will Need for Aerospace Careers of Future

Jeffrey Winters in editor in chief of Mechanical Engineering magazine.

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