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Top 5 Infographics of 2023

Top 5 Infographics of 2023

The most popular infographics from the year looked at engineering wages, renewable energy, and drones.
Decarbonization and the transition to more renewable sources of energy was just one of the issues pertinent to engineers that played out during the past year. Sourcing of rare earth and other minerals needed for the manufacturing of batteries to power electric vehicles, and the development of alternative battery technology are just two examples. The elusive promise of hydrogen-fueled transportation began to show some results as well. Drones were being used in more and more applications and engineers, like everyone else, want to know where the best prospects are to find well-paying jobs. These are just some of the topics explored during 2023 in our recurring postings of infographics, a form that graphically presents facts and figures. Here are five of the most well-read infographics from 2023.

Electric Vehicles Need Imported Minerals

This infographic from early in the year looked at the volume of minerals needed for electric vehicles to operate. About 207 kilograms of minerals are needed for an entire vehicle and most are imported, often from politically volatile regions. As the year progressed, the domestic hunt for lithium began to see some success.


Battery Storage is Booming

Another infographic looked at the integration of renewables into the electric grid and the need for more and more battery storage capacity. The U.S. Energy Information Administration projects grid-scale battery storage capacity will jump to 30 GW of capacity by the end of 2025. There was just 7.8 GW of utility-scale battery capacity at the end of 2022.


Where Mechanical Engineers Work and Earn the Most

The median year earnings of mechanical engineers is well above the national average, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. How much they earn depends on their industry, education, experience, responsibilities, and talent. Where they work may be the largest indicator of compensation.


Hopes Remain High as Drone Usage Grows

Drones have moved from novelty to necessity in many industries. There are more than 488,000 commercial drones registered, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, and the number could double by the end of 2025. The largest application of drones is for mapping and surveying.


Achieving Net-Zero Flight with Hydrogen

As the aircraft industry looks to decarbonize, some manufacturers are looking to hydrogen because long-haul flights are constrained by battery size. Europe’s Airbus is developing two options: a hydrogen propulsion system using a combustion engine, as well as a hydrogen-powered fuel cell engine.


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