Minnesota Governor Tim Walz Wants to be 100% Sustainable Sourced by 2050

Mar 8, 2019

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz recently introduced a new proposal mandating all energy will be derived from clean sources by 2050. The proposal is similar to one introduced by former California Governor Jerry Brown declaring that that state will receive all energy from clean sources by 2045. Governor Walz’s proposal builds on a goal set by former Governor Tim Pawlenty in 2007, which sought to have Minnesota receive at least a quarter of its electricity from renewable energy sources by 2025. The state has already surpassed this goal.

"The new policies will ensure reliable, affordable and sustainable electricity in Minnesota," Walz said. "They'll also give the state a cleaner, healthier environment and a strong clean-energy economy."

Along with receiving all electricity from renewable energy sources by 2050, the proposal also stipulates that if a utility company adds a new power generator, or replaces an old one, it should prioritize clean energy. Additionally, it expands a program currently in place that assists homeowners in improving their energy efficiency, and provides a greater number of low-income residents with assistance in energy saving projects.

A committee will hear the bill next week, before proceeding to vote on it.

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