Government Relations

ASME Government Relations represents and advocates for the engineering profession by advising government officials at all levels on engineering and technology as they make decisions on matters and policies affecting the public interest.

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Very few of the 535 Members of Congress have engineering or scientific backgrounds. Given that they are called upon nearly every day to make decisions that affect scientific and engineering practices, it is only natural that they require the expertise of those experienced in technical fields.

ASME Government Relations represents and advocates for the engineering profession by facilitating and initiating various programs and activities. ASME members at all stages of their careers have an opportunity to help "engineer the greater good" by applying their engineering expertise and pragmatic problem-solving approach to the development of sound public policy.

Public Policy Issues

ASME will enhance its relevance and impact to global constituents by being the leader in advancing engineering technology.

ASME’s 2021 – 2022 Public Policy Issues

Clean Energy

Energy technology has seen rapid advancements in recent years and has the potential to significantly impact our nation’s priorities. Learn more.

Advanced Manufacturing

As manufacturing worldwide enters a season of renaissance, the potential exists for the U.S. to reemerge as a global leader in advanced manufacturing. Learn more.


Through our advocacy efforts, ASME endeavors to spread the message on Capitol Hill that robust funding of bioengineering R&D is essential. Learn more.


ASME is pursuing federal policies that encourage growth in the domestic robotics sector and make investments in a workforce that will continue to thrive. Learn more.

Pressure Technology

ASME’s pressure technology codes and standards are used globally in over 100 countries to improve public health and safety outcomes. Learn more.

R&D and STEM

ASME advocates for investment in the research, development, and education enterprises that will empower the engineers of the future. Learn more.

Becoming an ASME Member

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