Department of Energy Selects Ten Projects to Support Development of Sustainable Long Term Energy Storage

Sep 28, 2018

The Department of Energy recently announced that it has selected 10 projects to support the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy’s (ARPA-E) program: Duration Addition to electricitY Storage (DAYS). The DAYS program aims to develop new energy storage systems that can power the electric grid for greater periods of time-including up to 100 hours. The program seeks projects that will provide new forms of long-duration stationary electricity storage systems that enhance grid resiliency, provide low-cost energy capacity, support grid infrastructure, and enable a greater share of intermittent renewable resources in the generation mix.

The goal of the selected projects is to combine the long-term power output of technologies such as pumped storage hydroelectric (PSH) systems with the flexibility of battery systems that can be deployed in multiple environments. 95% of electric grid storage capacity is currently provided by PSH, however there are still very few PSH storage installations due the high costs and geographical limitations. On the flip side, lithium ion batteries are being used in the grid more and more, but long term storage of this form of electricity is very expensive in the long term.

If successful, the selected DAYS projects will develop ways to provide long term storage of renewable energies that will improve grid efficiency and promote the growth of domestic energy sources. 

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