Technical and Engineering Communities Sector

The Technical and Engineering Communities (TEC) Sector is comprised of a diverse volunteer community representing technologies and ideas through technology groups, technical divisions, and research committees. TEC engages the extraordinary talents of its members to deliver content through existing and new conferences and events, as well as provide resources and subject matter expertise to create new opportunities, for the spread of engineering knowledge. Through these efforts, members grow and develop personally and professionally.


TEC Sector Mission & Vision

To advance engineering, deliver technical content, and provide growth opportunities to our diverse community 
To be the preeminent technical community that delivers solutions to meet evolving global challenges, by empowering our members

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Bob Stakenborghs
Senior Vice President I July 2022- June 2025

Vicky Risinger
Vice Chair I October 2021- June 2024

Tom Lavertu
Vice Chair I November 2021- June 2023

Columbia Mishra
Member-at-Large I December 2021- June 2024

Damian Vogt
Member-at-Large I December 2021- June 2023

Angelique Vesey
Staff Contact I May 2022- Open

Krishna Hernandez
Staff Contact I October 2020- Open

Technology Groups

Clean Energy Technology Group

Chair: Frank Michell
Staff Contact: April Tone


- To be the catalyst for collaboration by engaging groups and individuals in the clean energy generation and storage technologies universe
- Go where no one has gone before by identifying synergy in new advanced technologies and traditional generation systems
- CETG will provide guidance on our national energy strategy based on sound engineering, economic and technology considerations.

Digitalization Technology Group

Chair: Kieran Kavanaugh
Staff Contact: Jamie Hart

Strategic Objectives of the Group

- To be an Ideas Factory looking at digitalization trends & ASME opportunities
- To Launch and incubate ASME Initiatives around Digitalization
- To serve as an ASME Center of Expertise in Digitalization

Energy Sources and Processing Technology Group

Chair: Taylor Shie
Staff Contact: Jamie Hart

Vision- To enable, accelerate and guide successful ASME portfolio of Energy Sources and Processing technical events and content that impact the Oil and Gas market

Mission- To be the global leader in the Oil and Gas markets for technical content and events

Gas Turbine Technology Group

Chair: Sean Bradshaw
Staff Contact: Laura Herrera

Vision​: To be the world’s leading convener and communicator of gas turbine technology and related innovation that benefit society.​

Mission: To advance clean, reliable, and affordable gas turbine technologies by​
- building a global technical community for knowledge sharing, ​
- promoting thought leadership and professional development, and​
- inspiring innovation in emerging fields.

Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Group

Staff Contact: Barbara Zlatnik

Vision- pioneering the innovation, integration and advancement of Intelligent Manufacturing Technology knowledge and best practices

Mission- Deployment of Intelligent Manufacturing Technology knowledge and practice throughout the Industrial Base

Nano Engineering Technology Group

Chair: Ganesh Balasubramanian
Staff Contact: April Tone

Vision: To identify synergistic opportunities and platforms for nanoengineering contributions in advanced technologies and next-generation systems in energy, fluids, mechanics, materials, design and manufacturing

Mission: To promote and catalyze the creation of collaborative activities in nanotechnology, nanoengineering and nanoscience within the ASME community across all sectors (divisions, technical group, research committees)

Robotics Technology Group

Chair: Gloria Wiens
Staff Contact: Barbara Zlatnik

Mission/Vision & Purpose- Serve as a Think-Tank to incentivize the creation of a synergy within ASME Robotics Community across all sectors, division and/or technical committees

Space Exploration and Habitats Technology Group

Chair: Mina Pelegri
Staff Contact: Angelique Vesey

Vision- To position ASME as a premier expert organization in the field of space technologies closely related to the mechanical engineering profession

Mission- To identify opportunities for product and membership development and provide guidance and expert resources to enable opportunity growth inside and outside of ASME

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Honors & Awards

TEC Sector Awards are Administered by the TEC Sector Council or Jointly Administered by the TEC Sector Council and One or More Other TEC Sector Groups

Dedicated Service Award
Nomination Deadline: December 1

Richard J. Goldstein Energy Lecture Award
Nomination Deadline: February 1

James Harry Potter Gold Medal
Nomination Deadline: February 1

Calvin W. Rice Lecture Award
Nomination Deadline: February 1

Robert Henry Thurston Lecture Award
Nomination Deadline: February 15

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