Technical Divisions

At ASME, members can join one to five Technical Divisions, which are formed around professional and technical interests. Division membership is free and you’ll be a part of a professional community dedicated to what matters to you.

About Technical Divisions

Technical Divisions

By joining a Technical Divisions you are given access to a collaborative community of peers, leadership & volunteer opportunities, career development, numerous student activities, technical/research conferences, and the chance to contribute to the publication of technical journals. Find out more about Technical Divisions.

Technical Divisions Community Pages

How do I join?

ASME members select their top five Technical Divisions when they join and can update those selections at anytime by going to and logging into Your Account. Technical Division are part of the Technical and Engineering Communities (TEC) Sector.

How do I get involved?

Set your Preferences

It’s very important to set your communication preferences in order to receive communications. Be sure that you have checked off to receive Technical Division emails!

Connect with your division communities

Find your division’s contact information by using the Volunteer Leadership Directory (VLD).

Join your division’s online communities

Subscribe to your divisions online communities. Sign in with your ASME login credentials, search for division’s you wish to visit by clicking on Discover and selecting Groups. Click “JOIN GROUP” when you find your community’s page.

There are no additional dues to join, although members are encouraged to donate to their division(s) at renewal time.


There are many ways to contribute to the success of your technical division. Divisions exist to engage the extraordinary talents of ASME members’ expertise for the advancement of engineering. ASME divisions represent a uniquely powerful resource for planning, developing and delivering technical content. Members that volunteer have the opportunity to grow and develop personally and professionally. Here are some specific ways you can participate:

  • Attend technical conferences sponsored by your division
  • Contribute to technical conferences by submitting an abstract/paper to be considered for the program.
  • Volunteer to help organize a conference by serving as a track/session chair or on the organizing committee.
  • Contribute to a journal sponsored by your division. Prospective authors can learn all about the process to be published in an ASME journal.

Get Involved

Volunteer Leadership Resources

These resources are intended to assist local division leaders in organizing and managing their ASME Division.

Important Links*

Volunteer Portal (for GMEC** requests)

Preference Center (To subscribe to division emails, click ASME Sections and Technical Divisions Communications and check off "Technical Divisions")

Volunteer Leadership Directory (VLD)

Group Leadership Development Conference

*Please note that only assigned individuals will have access to some of these links.
**GMEC is ASME’s Group Mass Email Console for sending messages to your division members.

ASME Technical & Engineering Communities (TEC) Operations Staff

Division leaders are supported by ASME’s Technical & Engineering Communities (TEC) Operations Support team.

Angelique Vesey ( Director, Technical & Engineering Communities (TEC) Operations
April Tone ( Senior Manager, Technical & Engineering Communities (TEC) Operations
Barbara Zlatnik ( Senior Manager, Technical & Engineering Communities (TEC) Operations
Jamie Hart ( Senior Manager, Technical & Engineering Communities (TEC) Operations
Krishna Hernandez ( Coordinator, Technical & Engineering Communities (TEC) Operations
Laura Herrera ( Manager, Technical & Engineering Communities (TEC) Operations

For any general questions regarding TEC Operations, email us at

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