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Top 8 In-demand B31 Pressure Piping System Courses Happening Now

Top 8 In-demand B31 Pressure Piping System Courses Happening Now

Virtual Classroom and On-Demand Courses from B31 Pressure Piping Codes

ASME’s B31 Pressure Piping System courses teach students how to apply knowledge related to the B31 Code to safely and properly design, construct, and maintain pressure piping systems. With Virtual Classroom, Self Study, and Guided Study packages and courses, we’ve leveraged our deep history with the B31 Code to build a collection of courses that focus on the complex decision-making and critical thinking required to apply in real-world situations.

Go beyond code interpretation and into the practical application of piping industry best practices with immersive courses developed and taught by leading industry experts. Engineers of all levels gain critical knowledge of the design, analysis, testing, and inspection behind process piping systems—while taking their professional development to the next level.

ASME has defined piping systems safety since the 1920s and continues to set the standard for B31 training with high-quality courses in Process design, materials, detailed design, fabrication & construction, operations, maintenance & reliability. Explore a wide range of standards and codes topics to build practical, technical, and business knowledge—with flexible, high-quality training for learners.

From beginner to advanced engineers, gaining knowledge of the latest piping code version is crucial to every learner, so we have compiled a list of 8 essential piping systems courses in 2021 and 2022.

1. ASME B31.3 Process Piping Code

Learn how to apply requirements of ASME B31 3 to design, analysis, materials, fabrication, testing and inspection of process piping systems. Enroll now and save 31%


2. Practical Piping Design

Apply the ASME B31.3 code with problem solving and complex decision-making skills related to designing piping systems without the use of software. Enroll now and save 10%


3. Detail Engineering of Piping System

Develop Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams, plot plans, and arrangements for process, power and utility equipment piping systems. Enroll now and save 34%


4. ASME B31.3 and B31.1 Practical Piping Design for Process and Power Applications

Apply the requirements of B31.3 and B31.1 to design, analysis, materials, fabrication, testing, and inspection for process and power piping systems. Enroll now and save 31%


5. Failure Prevention, Fitness-for-Service, Repair and Life Extension of Piping, Vessels and Tanks

Learn methods and criteria of ASME B31, ASME VIII, API 579-1/ASME FFS-1, ASME PCC-2, NBIC parts 2 and 3, to make run-or-repair decisions on pressure equipment, piping and pipelines. Enroll now and save 10%


6. ASME B31.8 Gas Transmission & Distribution Piping Systems

Gain an understanding of ASME B31.8 including design, operation, maintenance, and repair of natural gas distribution and transmission pipelines. Enroll now and save 41%


7. ASME B31.4 Pipeline Transportation Systems for Liquid Hydrocarbons and Other Liquids

Adhere to principles of ASME B31.4 Code for the design, construction, and operation of liquid pipeline systems while minimizing risks. Enroll now and save 51%


8. Nuclear Piping Systems ASME BPV Code, Section III and B31.1: Design, Integrity-Operability Assessment, and Repairs

Apply ASME Section III, Division 1, Subsections NB/NC/ND to the design, analysis, and qualification of nuclear power plant piping systems. Enroll now and save 50%

All the above courses offer CEU’s and are IACET accredited, and a Certificate of Completion is awarded when finished.

Which format works best for me?

Our on Demand and Live Virtual Classroom formats each have their own benefits. Use the summary chart below to help determine which format fits your needs.

Feature On Demand Live Virtual Classroom
High quality content Yes Yes
Live Instructor No Yes
Self Paced Yes No
Instructor Feedback Guided Study Only Yes
Price $ $$
Course Duration Weeks Days
Course Access 24/7 Based on published schedule

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