ASME B31 Pressure Piping Online Course Collection

Expand and apply your knowledge of ASME B31 requirements with a focus on the complex decision making and critical thinking required throughout the entire lifecycle of various piping systems in our official online piping courses.

Featured Piping Courses

Designed to maximize convenience and value these hand-picked course packages save you time and money. 

Piping Principles 

Our foundational courses introduce the essentials skills to read, interpret, and understand piping essentials and the core B31 sections—the authoritative Code for Pressure Piping. 

Courses by Section & Piping System Type

The B31 Piping Code includes several individual sections designed to cover the unique aspects of different piping system types. 

B31.3 – Process Piping

Whether you are a piping professional within a chemical plant, a petroleum refinery or a pharmaceutical, textile, paper, semiconductor, or cryogenic plant our official Process Piping courses help you apply the code requirements from materials and design to fabrication and reliability of process piping systems. 

B31.1 – Power Piping

As a piping engineer working within power plants and geothermal & district heating systems your success is predicated on the careful application of B31.1 to ensure safe and effective design, construction, operations and maintenance at your facility.  

B31.8 – Gas Transmission and Distribution

ASME’s Gas Transmission and Distribution courses ensure careful and safe interpretation and application of the code for pipeline professionals, particularly with buried piping.  

B31.4 – Liquids

Adhere to principles of ASME B31.4 Code for the design, construction, and operation of liquid pipeline systems while minimizing risks with this course. 

Piping Best Practices, Failure Prevention, and Fitness-for-Service

These piping courses—developed and taught by piping industry veterans — go beyond code interpretation and application and into industry best practices.  

Foundational Engineering Courses

The following courses contain critical foundational engineering essentials and provide you with valuable cross-cutting knowledge and insight into applying industry best practices within the Pressure Piping Industry. 



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