Top 5 Videos of 2022
From vehicle electrification to warfare technology and updates in digital design, here are five videos that honed in on engineering advancements in 2022.
Electrification, warfare technology, and advances in digital design captured the attention of ASME members during a year filled with economic uncertainty and volatility.
Decarbonization efforts around the world continue to move forward with the proliferation of electric vehicles in mainstream auto markets. Manufacturers and suppliers to automakers also face a changing landscape, fueled by efficiency and environmental concerns. Meanwhile, that same trend is trying to take off in aviation, as researchers make advancements in electric-powered aircraft.
Engineers have long been crucial in warfare, from building infrastructure on the ground to developing high-tech weaponry. Robots are also in development for eventual battlefield use. Of course, one of 2022's top headlines was Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and as that conflict progresses, both sides have made use of unmanned aerial vehicles, yet another engineering advancement that continues to evolve.
Meanwhile, digital design tools continue to evolve and aid engineers and companies across industries, from helping aeronautics and aerospace firms become more efficient and reduce lead times to enabling creative engineers to bring imagined worlds and creatures to the big screen with greater realism than ever.
Here are five of’s most-viewed videos from the past year that explore these very topics.
Engineering at War
Electric Vehicles Reshape the Automotive Industry
Aerospace Embraces Digitalization
Engineering in the World of Entertainment
Electric Flight

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