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Top 5 Quizzes of 2023
These brain teasers were our favorites from the past year. See if you can pass them all.
While the staff of works hard to provide context and insight on the latest in the engineering world, there’s nothing wrong with a little fun. The Friday quiz is a way to test knowledge of a wide range of engineering topics: professional, technological, historical, and even cultural.

Here are some of the top quizzes of 2023, as selected by the editors.

Quiz: Mechanical Engineering Compensation

Test your knowledge of what the Bureau of Labor Statics reported about where most MEs work, what they earn, and which industries pay the most for ME expertise.

Quiz: Engineering Education Growth

More students have been drawn toward undergraduate engineering degrees over the last decade. See what you know about some recent shifts in engineering education.

Quiz: What Do You Know About the USS Monitor?

The USS Monitor was a warship built with iron armor in mind and featuring many innovative technologies. Test your knowledge of this famous frigate.

Quiz: The Ig Nobel Prize and Odd Research

See what you know about the Ig Nobel Prize, a satiric competition awarded annually since 1991 to celebrate 10 unusual or trivial achievements in scientific research.

Quiz: What Do You Know About the Fastest Land Vehicles?

In February 2023, a team from New Zealand set the world land speed record for a wind-powered vehicle as it traveled 140 mph across the dry bed of Lake Gairdner, Australia. Test your knowledge of the fastest land vehicles on record.

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