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Top 5 Podcasts of 2022
Hit rewind and listen to the best engineering interviews of the past year.
ASME TechCast has been bringing you the innovators, the innovations, and the issues that push the envelope of engineering since 2019. The series, which features the editors of Mechanical Engineering magazine and interviewing leading technologists (and sometimes themselves) has had its strongest year yet, with more listeners and more conversations than ever before.

We discussed the geopolitical impact of natural gas exports, the way small businesses can apply digital engineering, the growth of offshore wind power, and the important of ethics to the practice of engineering. From our two dozen episodes, we’ve selected five we think you’d like to revisit—or use as an introduction to the series. Enjoy!

NuScale’s Jose Reyes and Small Modular Reactors  

Increasing the Role of Women in Mechanical Engineering 

Space Stations after ISS

What EVs Still Need as They Take to the Roads 

Slinging Satellites into Space


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