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Podcast: Slinging Satellites into Space

Podcast: Slinging Satellites into Space

SpinLaunch is a space technology company with plans to send satellites to space using an accelerator instead of rockets. David Wrenn, the firm’s head of engineering, talks about the novel system.
Ever since the Soviet Union launched Sputnik into orbit in the 1950s, space exploration has depended on rockets to send satellites and humans into space. There will be another option soon. SpinLaunch is a new space technology firm that has developed a kinetic method to send small satellites and payloads to the upper stratosphere or into orbit. It uses a very large accelerator to speed a carbon-fiber tether to high speeds, releasing a small rocket and propelling it to the upper atmosphere. SpinLaunch’s head of engineering David Wrenn talks about the system and the company’s plans.
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