Podcast: How Engineers Close Communication Gaps with New Colleagues

Podcast: How Engineers Close Communication Gaps with New Colleagues

Welcome to the second segment of ASME TechCast, a new podcast brought to you by the editors of ASME.org, AABME.org, and Mechanical Engineering magazine that introduces you to the innovators, innovations, and issues that push the envelope of engineering.

In this program we explore the communication gap that often exists between engineers and their colleagues, especially clinicians and others in the biomedical industry, and the new lexicon that members of the Alliance of Advanced Biomedical Engineering are rolling out to help solve that problem.

During the show, entrepreneurial engineer Robert Giasolli, founder, CTO, and vice president of R&D for Cagent Vascular, speaks with Jeff O’Heir, ASME’s senior content manager, about his work to improve communications between engineers and doctors in hospital emergency rooms, research, and other areas as they collaborate to design unique products and solve new types of problems they have not faced in the past. You can read a version of Giasolli’s Q&A here.

Chitra Sethi, Managing Editor of Mechanical Engineering magazine, also speaks with Christine Reilley, ASME’s business development director of healthcare, about the new lexicon.

When you get a chance, tune into the ASME TechCast interview with Roma Agrawal, a structural engineer and the author of the new book Built: The Hidden Stories Behind our Structures. She speaks about the history and wonders of structural engineering, as well as the need for a wide representation of cultures and views in the field. Read a text version of the interview here.

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