Podcast: Big Data Revolution in the Oil and Gas Industry

Podcast: Big Data Revolution in the Oil and Gas Industry

As the Internet of Things has developed throughout the years, different industries are exposed to its advancements at different times. The oil and gas industry is currently experiencing the “big data” revolution like the manufacturing sector had undergone years prior. Big data and automation look to explore the “digital oil field,” which will produce cost-effective energy while addressing safety and environmental concerns.
ASME’s upcoming Big Data Industry Summit will focus on oil and gas and how professionals can utilize data to deliver critical value-added insights to their companies. Robello Samuel, Ph.D., is a chief technical advisor and technology fellow at Halliburton since 1998. He will be speaking on the “Hu: The Human Element in Data-Driven Digital Transformation” panel on how the human element and data-driven digital transformation will change the outlook of the oil and gas industry.

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