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ASME B31.1 Power Piping Design (Virtual Classroom)

Understand and apply the ASME B31.1 requirements to power piping system design and analysis including criteria, requirements and failure modes.

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  • Apr 22-26th, 2024




This course commences at 10:30 AM and end at 4:30 PM Eastern each day.


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This design course trains participants to comply with the requirements of ASME B31.1 Power Piping Code. This course features a deep overview of the code, including the background, rules and trends in power piping design and analysis – all vital elements of the power, industrial and institutional plant life cycle.
The key objective of this course is to examine how various stakeholders employ the B31.1 Code requirements to effectively design power piping systems and prevent piping system failures.
By participating in this course, you will learn how to successfully:

  • Identify the difference between “Design by Rule” and “Design by Analysis” codes.
  • Discover the principal failure modes of piping components and where to look for them.
  • Recognize the difference between pressure component design and structural design.
  • Investigate the importance of piping flexibility.
  • Discuss how to develop stress intensification factors.
  • Recognize how to qualify nonstandard fittings and joints.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • ASME B31 Scope and Operations
  • Piping Failure Modes
  • Piping Design Conditions
  • ASME B31.1 Piping Design Criteria
  • Component and System Design
  • Pressure Design and Straight Pipe
  • Pressure Design of Piping Components
  • Guarding Against Pipe Collapse
  • Providing Adequate Piping Flexibility
  • Stress Intensification Factors
  • Simplified Piping Analysis and Layout
  • Pipe Support Design

Who should attend?

  • Practicing piping engineers requiring background on Code compliance and trends in piping design, analysis, and fabrication expectations.
  • Piping manufacturers, fabrication personnel, fabricators, erectors, and suppliers wishing to understand the relationship of manufacture, fabrication, and installation to the design of power piping systems.
  • Jurisdictional, in-company examination and inspection, and QA/QC personnel seeking to understand the design and construction requirements they are responsible to assure and control

Course Materials (included in purchase of course)

  • Participants will receive access to the following Code/Standard(s) via ASME’s Digital Collection for the duration of the course:
    • ASME B31.1 Power Piping Code
    • ASME B31J - Stress Intensification Factors (i-Factors), Flexibility Factors (k-Factors), and Their Determination for Metallic Piping Components
  • Downloadable version of the course presentation via ASME's learning platform

Special Requirement 

  • Attendees are required to bring a scientific calculator to the course (not included with the course, purchase separately)

This ASME Virtual Classroom course is held live with an instructor on our online learning platform.   A Certificate of Completion will be issued to registrants who successfully attend and complete the course


Topics covered in this course include:

Topic One

  • History of Piping Codes 
  • ASME B31 Operations and B31.1 Scope 
  • Piping Failure Modes 
  • Piping Design Conditions 

Topic Two

  • Piping Design Criteria 
  • Pressure Design and Straight Pipe 
  • Pressure Design of Piping Components 
  • Guarding Against Pipe Collapse 
  • Providing Adequate Piping Flexibility 
  • Cold Spring 

Topic Three

  • Stress Intensification Factors 
  • Simplified Piping Analysis and Layout 
  • Pipe Support Design 
  • Requirements for Specific Piping Systems 
  • Scope & Design Workshop 
  • Workshop Discussion

Ronald Haupt, P.E.

Senior Consultant, Pressure Piping Engineering Associates, Inc.

Ronald W. Haupt, P.E., is a senior consultant for Pressure Piping Engineering Associates with 60 years experience in the design of power and process plant structures, equipment, and piping. He's a member of the B31.1, B31.3, and other ASME committees.

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