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Pentagon’s New “Space Force” Proposal Will Fall Under Jurisdiction of the Air Force

Pentagon’s New “Space Force” Proposal Will Fall Under Jurisdiction of the Air Force

The Pentagon recently sent a proposal to Congress calling for the establishment of a “Space Force,” which would fall under the jurisdiction of the U.S. military. More specifically, the Space Force would fall under the Department of the Air Force, similar to how the Navy oversees the Marine Corps, with the Secretary of the Air Force initially responsible for organization, training and equipping the new military service.

The proposal comes after President Trump ordered the creation of the Space Force last year. In discussing the proposal, Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan explained, “Our approach follows President Trump's bold vision for space and commits resources to deliver more capability faster, ensuring the United States can compete, deter, and, if needed, win in a complex domain.”

The Space Force is projected to cost $2 billion over five years. According to a fact sheet for the proposal, the Pentagon will request $72.4 million in its FY 2020 budget request to cover the costs of 200 personnel supporting the new service. The Space Force will be led by the new Under Secretary of the Air Force for Space, a civilian role that will be filled through a presidential nomination and subsequent Senate confirmation. Once the Space Force is up and running, the Pentagon predicts it will cost roughly $500 million to maintain on an annual basis. However, the proposal fact sheet notes that this figure “will be refined through detailed planning.”

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