Nuclear Energy Legislation Introduced in the Senate with Strong Focus on Innovation and Public-Private Partnerships

Sep 14, 2018

Several members of the Senate recently introduced the bipartisan bill, S. 3422—the Nuclear Energy Leadership Act (NELA). NELA aims to restore the U.S.’s prowess in nuclear energy through increased nuclear energy innovation thanks to strong public-private partnerships.

The bill was introduced to much support from Senators on both sides of the aisle with Senator Murkowski (R-AK) remarking, “Our bipartisan bill will help rejuvenate the U.S. nuclear industry by providing the tools, resources, and partnerships necessary to drive innovation in advanced reactors. I thank my colleagues for joining me in sponsoring this timely measure to create American jobs and restore our global leadership on nuclear technologies.”

In this vein, the legislation also encourages education initiatives, workforce development and further training programs in nuclear science. The bill contains several sections looking to broach this issue from several sides encompassing these various education and training initiatives. These sections include:

  • Authorization of Long-Term Power Purchase Agreements;
  • Long-Term Nuclear Power Purchase Agreement Pilot Program;
  • Advanced Nuclear Reactor Research and Development Goals;
  • Nuclear Energy Strategic Plan;
  • Versatile, Reactor-Based Fast Neutron Source;
  • Advanced Nuclear Fuel Security Programs; and
  • University Nuclear Leadership Program.

To view the legislation in full, click here:

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