New CBO Report Offers Insight on the Effects of Entrepreneurship Policies on the Advanced Manufacturing Sector

Jan 11, 2021


A new report released by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), a non-partisan government organization, seeks to examine how federal polices can impact declining American entrepreneurship. The report offers unique insight into how the high-tech sectors have fared and which policies have encouraged substantial growth. The report specifically examines the high-tech manufacturing sector and offers insight into how increased American entrepreneurship affects the sector.
The report offers this particular poignant point: “Entrepreneurship brings greater efficiency to the economy in several ways, one of which is by introducing new products and technologies that increase productivity. Although relatively few new businesses perform R&D, those that do are more R&D-intensive and more likely than older businesses to test new technologies. Indeed, most recently created manufacturing firms that have grown to become very large carried out R&D when they were new.”
R&D in the advanced manufacturing sector therefore is directly correlated to American entrepreneurship in the sector. Advancing policies that promote high-tech entrepreneurship may therefore provide increased manufacturing R&D output. The report calls attention to specific federal initiatives that achieve this goal, many of which are supported by ASME, such as the R&D tax credit. The report makes additional recommendations regarding the R&D tax credit, suggesting that “another way to reduce the after-tax cost of R&D for new firms would be to allow them to receive a refund for the R&D tax credit. Because of start-up costs, young businesses are more likely than older ones to post losses and may not have sufficient tax liability to apply the credit fully (if at all).”
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