National Academies of Sciences, Medicine and Engineering Hosting Release of its Latest Study for Environmental Engineering in the 21st Century

Nov 30, 2018

The National Academies of Sciences, Medicine and Engineering (NASEM) recently announced that it will be hosting an event to celebrate the release of its latest study, Environmental Engineering in the 21st Century: Addressing Grand Challenges on December 5. The event will host of panel of speakers discussing finding from the report. Panelists include Domenico Grasso of the University of Michigan, Dearborn; Dan Greenbaum from Health Effects Institute; Kimberly Jones from Howard University; Bob Perciasepe from Center for Climate and Energy Solutions; Steve Polasky from University of Minnesota; and Julie Zimmerman from Yale University. The event will take place at the National Academy of Sciences, but will also be available via live webstream.

The report examines the current challenges facing society and how engineering can play a role in alleviating them and is modeled on the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Grand Challenges in Engineering. The Grand Challenges is an initiative comprised of what the NAE has deemed the top 14 challenges and opportunities for engineering today. The challenges were selected from hundreds of suggestions provided by engineers, scientists and policymakers to the NAE. The full list of Grand Challenges are:

  • Make Solar Energy Economical
  • Provide Energy from Fusion
  • Develop Carbon Sequestration Methods
  • Manage the Nitrogen Cycle
  • Provide Access to Clean Water
  • Restore and Improve Urban Infrastructure
  • Advance Health Informatics
  • Engineer Better Medicines
  • Reverse-Engineer the Brain
  • Prevent Nuclear Terror
  • Secure Cyberspace
  • Enhance Virtual Reality
  • Advance Personalized Learning
  • Engineer the Tools of Scientific Discovery

For more information and to register for the December 5 event, click here:

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