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National Academies Leadership Confirms the Effects of Climate Change

National Academies Leadership Confirms the Effects of Climate Change

The Presidents of the National Academies recently released a statement accepting and affirming the scientific evidence of climate change.

“Scientists have known for some time, from multiple lines of evidence, that humans are changing Earth’s climate, primarily through greenhouse gas emissions. The evidence on the impacts of climate change is also clear and growing. The atmosphere and the Earth’s oceans are warming, the magnitude and frequency of certain extreme events are increasing, and the sea level is rising along our coasts.”

Last year the National Academies launched the Climate Communications Initiative as a way to better leverage and open up access to the plethora of climate-related work that has taken place across the institution. A strategic plan was created and an advisory committee was implemented.

In addition to the CCI, the National Academies has also released a slew of reports covering multiple facets of climate change and its effects. Currently available reports include topics such as: Understanding the Climate System; Assessing and Adapting to Climate Impacts; Limiting Future Climate Change; and Informing Decisions about Climate Responses.

To view the National Academies Climate Change statement in full, click here:

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