House Intelligence Committee Seeks to Analyze Global Science and Technology Trends

Aug 17, 2020


The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence recently passed the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021. In addition to authorizing funding for comprehensive congressional oversight of elements of the U.S. Intelligence Community, this year’s bill includes provisions that would require the director of national intelligence to report to Congress on the R&D activities conducted by adversaries and provide recommendations on how the Federal government can better analyze open-source S&T information.
In a press release accompanying the passage of the legislation from the Committee, Chairman Adam Schiff states, “We reaffirm our commitment to the Intelligence Community by ensuring that it has the resources to compete against strategic adversaries like Russia and China, and that its workforce is able to do so in an unprecedented environment of a pandemic that has claimed over 150,000 American lives.” As competition for the best and most innovative technologies rages world-wide, the bill seeks to equip the United States with the necessary intel needed to protect citizens from S&T and R&D developments from foreign adversaries that may impact our own security.
The bill also makes permanent the Climate Security Advisory Council that was established to conduct analysis of the security impacts of climate change. 

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