House Armed Services Committee Releases Defense Critical Supply Chain Task Force Report

Aug 2, 2021


The House Armed Services Committee established a “Defense Critical Supply Chain Task Force” just over three months ago and recently released the final task force report, which includes recommendations for the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The NDAA is considered a must-pass piece of legislation each year and is one of Congress’ highest priorities. The new report discusses supply chain challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, including challenges with semiconductors, rare earth elements, pharmaceuticals, and more.
The Defense Critical Supply Chain Task Force was established in the wake of COVID-19, when there were major challenges facing domestic and global supply chains. The Task Force was charged with identifying ways to make supply chain issues a legislative priority to ensure the problems that the U.S. faced during the COVID-19 pandemic could be solved and avoided in the future. Established by the House Armed Services Committee, the Task Force focused its efforts on improving the defense supply chain specifically so that the Committee can take legislative action to address supply chain risks and build resiliency.
The Task Force’s final report lists actionable legislative priorities that if adopted in the NDAA would greatly secure the American supply chain. These recommendations include:
  1. DOD must treat supply chain security as a defense strategic priority.
  2. DOD must have visibility on the defense supply chain to understand its vulnerabilities and develop risk mitigation strategies.
  3. DOD (and the United States more broadly) needs to reduce reliance on adversaries for resources and manufacturing.
  4. DOD must use its influence to facilitate workforce improvement by creating a productive partnership between the Department, industry, education partners, labor, and other federal and local entities.
  5. DOD should strengthen the ability to leverage close ally and partner capabilities through the National Technology and Industrial Base (NTIB).
  6. DOD should deploy the full range of American innovation to secure the supply chains involving rare earth elements.
Additionally, the Task Force makes recommendations to DOD and the White House specifically that, in conjunction with the recommended Congressional actions listed above, would best position the United States to address future supply chain concerns.
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