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Energy Ministerial Renews Focus on Clean Energy Deployment

Energy Ministerial Renews Focus on Clean Energy Deployment

From September 21-23, representatives from 34 countries along with participants from the clean energy community of companies, civil society, investors, youth, labor, innovators, and academics met in Pittsburgh, PA to convene the first Global Clean Energy Action Forum (GCEAF). Representatives from ASME’s Government Relations department and volunteer Clean Energy Technology Group participated, focusing on engagement with emerging technology segments most aligned with ASME’s technical community, including clean hydrogen, advanced nuclear, industrial heat processes, energy efficiency and storage, and decarbonization technologies.
The Forum brought the energy technology community together around the theme of accelerating the deployment of clean energy technologies and strategies for transitioning to a net-zero economy. 16 countries announced more than $94 billion in funding to GCEAF goals, exceeding the goal of reaching $90 billion in funding commitments four years ahead of schedule. The United States is devoting $21.9 billion to clean energy demonstrations – more information about which can be found in this week’s other Capitol Update articles. Other governments contributing to the Challenge include: Australia, Canada, the European Commission, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.
Other key highlights from the Forum included Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) announcements to help ensure that solar industry supply chains are secure, resilient, and sustainable through a CEM Solar Manufacturing and Supply Chains Initiative; adoption of a multilateral Net-Zero Industries Mission for decarbonizing the cement, steel, and chemicals sectors; and additional pledges for carbon capture, sequestrations, and utilization investments.
For a detailed list of announcements from the GCAEF, visit here.
The Forum included over 170 side events open to the public and livestreamed. To view recorded sessions, visit here.

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