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Coming Soon: Opportunity to Weigh in on the Bioeconomy Workforce

Coming Soon: Opportunity to Weigh in on the Bioeconomy Workforce

In September, ASME reported on the White House’s release of a new Executive Order highlighting the Administration’s priorities for creating a stronger and more resilient bioeconomy here in the U.S. and allocating $2 billion in funding to achieve this goal. ASME is pleased to offer its members the chance to weigh in on these important issues.

As part of its policy expertise, ASME will be compiling targeted recommendations that support the mandates laid out in the Executive Order, with particular attention being paid to the workforce supporting the Bioeconomy. ASME’s members are well-versed in what is required to create a robust and resilient workforce, which is why we are getting ready to announce an opportunity for members to weigh in on the issue.

Stay tuned for updates on how you can help support and contribute to this exciting public policy initiative!
If you have any questions about this upcoming opportunity to engage with ASME GR, please reach out to:

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