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Announcing the National Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Initiative

Announcing the National Biotechnology and Biomanufacturing Initiative

President Biden last week signed an Executive Order and the White House hosted a “summit” meeting to launch a new national initiative on biotechnology and biomanufacturing.  Bioengineering, particularly in Lower Earth Orbit, is a priority area for ASME, and the Executive Order specifically calls for industry-led standards, which is one of ASME’s strengths.
The President’s Executive Order allocates $2 billion in funding to:
  • Leverage biotechnology to strengthen the supply chain.
  • Expand domestic biomanufacturing.
  • Foster innovation in biomanufacturing.
  • Bring bio products to market.
  • Train the next generation of biotechnologists.
  • Drive regulatory innovation to increase access to products of biotechnology.
  • Advance measurements and standards for the bioeconomy.
    This is where ASME comes in. For example, our “V&V40” standard details the use of modeling and simulation for medical device development, which is relevant to bioengineering.
  • Reduce risk through investing in biosecurity innovations.
  • Facilitate data-sharing to advance the bioeconomy.

ASME will continue to monitor this initiative and watch for opportunities for our members.
>> Read the full Executive Order and announcement here.

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