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California Commits to a 100 Clean Energy Public Bus Fleet by 2040

California Commits to a 100 Clean Energy Public Bus Fleet by 2040

The California Air and Resource Board (CARB) recently announced that it will transition the state’s public transport fleet to run on 100% electric power by 2040. As a result of this new agreement, the state will need to purchase and build more than 14,000 zero-emission buses.

“A zero-emission public bus fleet means cleaner air for all of us. It dramatically reduces tailpipe pollution from buses in low-income communities and provides multiple benefits especially for transit-dependent riders,” CARB Chair Mary D. Nichols said. “Putting more zero-emission buses on our roads will also reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gases, and provides cost savings for transit agencies in the long run.”

Complete and successful adoption of the regulation is expected to reduce harmful emissions by 19 million metric tons over a 30 year period. This equal to taking roughly 4 million cars off the road. Earlier this year, California was also the first state to mandate that all new residential construction be retrofitted with solar panels. Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill making the California the first state to commit to transitioning to a 100 percent renewable energy electric grid by 2045.

For more information on CARB its plans for transitioning the public transport fleet to clean energy, click here:

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