Bipartisan Senate Delegation Reintroduces Nuclear Energy Innovation Legislation

Bipartisan Senate Delegation Reintroduces Nuclear Energy Innovation Legislation

Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), along with a bipartisan group of senate colleagues recently reintroduced legislation to increase nuclear energy innovation, and make sure that advanced reactors will provide clean, safe, affordable, and reliable power to satisfy the country’s needs, as well as globally. The Nuclear Energy Leadership Act (NELA) seeks to reestablish the U.S. as a global leader in nuclear energy and will bring together innovators from both the public and private sectors to develop next-generation advanced reactor concepts.

The bill covers a wide swath of topics under the subject matter, including:

  • Advanced Nuclear Reactor Research and Development Goals;
  • Nuclear Energy Strategic Plan;
  • Advanced Nuclear Fuel Security Programs; and a
  • University Nuclear Leadership Program.


“As we seek to maintain electric reliability, keep energy prices affordable, and address climate change, nuclear power stands out as one of our very best options,” Murkowski said. “We once led the world in nuclear energy, but have surrendered that position to Russia and China. It is imperative that we reverse that trend and develop advanced nuclear technologies domestically. Our bipartisan bill will provide the tools, resources, and partnerships necessary to reestablish U.S. global leadership, and I thank my colleagues for sponsoring it with me.”

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