CA Connect Application Modules

The CA Connect system is used for managing the ASME Conformity Assessment certification and accreditation process. CA Connect has been replaced with a new and improved system that provides a more encouraging user experience. The new system introduces an improved approach for online submission and processing of applications and documents. It makes it easier for Users to navigate through the system and track the status of the certification/accreditation processes. It supports all browsers and desktops and offers quicker system response time.

Who uses CA Connect?

The CA Connect System is used by the following individuals:

  • Company Certificate Holders
  • Primary Company Contacts
  • Trusted Company Contacts
  • ASME Consultants
  • AIA Contacts
  • National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors
  • Jurisdiction Contact
  • ASME Conformity Assessment Administrative and Technical Staff

Before you start using CA Connect, you need to be registered with an account in CA Connect prior to beginning the application submittal process. To gain direct access to CA Connect, open your web browser and type CACONNECT.ASME.ORG

Each Module has been set up to walk the user though the necessary steps to:

  1. Add an additional building
  2. Request additional Stamps
  3. Change AIA
  4. Application for new or to renew – AIA
  5. Application for new or to renew – BPE
  6. Application for new or to renew – BPV
  7. Application for new or to renew – Nuclear
  8. Application for new or to renew – NQA-1
  9. Application for new or to renew – PRD
  10. Application for new or to renew – QSC
  11. Certification Cancellation
  12. Make a change to contact
  13. Company location or name change
  14. Company location change
  15. Filing an extension

Select the appropriate module and follow the detailed instructions. Please remember to review your application prior to submitting. If you do have any issue, please contact us at

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