ASME Involvement Resource Kit

The value of ASME involvement for Early Career Engineers (ECEs) and their Employers

"Potentially among all engineers, but especially prevalent among early career engineers, we see a lack of overall employer support for their involvement in ASME. Often enough, any support is a hard-fought battle and it's rarely seen. It begs the question: why is ASME involvement important and what can be gained from it? How can we help early career engineers within our ranks make the case to their  employers to get the support they need for their ASME involvement?"  - Samantha Sanders, ECLIPSE Intern 2018-2019, Fresh Consulting, Issaquah, WA. 

​These resources are made possible through the collaborative efforts between the ECE Programming Committee, the ECLIPSE Intern Alumni Class 2018-19 and other contributors.

The Business Case for ASME…

Tools for early career individuals (0-10 years) to present the business case for support for their ASME membership and volunteering to their employer or organization.

An Email & Letter Template 

We’re glad you’ve chosen to promote the art, science and practice of multidisciplinary engineering and allied sciences around the globe! Below you’ll find an opening paragraph, samples of the added value your employer can gain from your involvement within ASME, and a closing statement.  

  • Tailorable Template for ECE’s  
  • 12 key arguments (choose 3-4) 
  • Across Industry, Academia & Government 
  • Peer reviewed by panel 
  • Easy to adopt 

It’s fairly simple: read the supporting arguments and select those that pertain most to your involvement within ASME. Personalize the parts you like, add to it with your own story, and delete the others. Everything in << >> needs to be changed or deleted.  

Finally, is there a particular ‘ask’ you have for your employer? This might entail your employer offering paid time off for training or professional development instead of you using your vacation time, providing resources to cover the cost of hotel/travel, or reimbursing the cost of your ASME membership. A polite request could be something to keep in mind to add to your version. Have fun and all the best! 

Download Employer Email & Letter Template

Employer Benefits Flyer 

Share with your employer to start a conversation about the benefits of supporting your ASME membership and involvement.  Convey your commitment to ASME and exactly what your participation or volunteering will require and what specific benefits the employer will receive. The more they understand, the more likely they are to support your ASME involvement in the future. When interviewing or starting out a new job, try to have this conversation early in the process.   

Download Employer Benefit Flyer

Resources for Mastering the Elevator Pitch  

Learning how to master the elevator pitch will help build your confidence and deliver your idea in a concise and influential manner. All it takes is planning and practice! The "elevator pitch” is so named to reinforce the idea that the pitch can be delivered in the time period of a brief elevator ride.  

The pitch is about sparking interest in a new project, idea or product... or in yourself.  The opportunity to give your pitch to someone with influence could occur in a planned meeting or in an impromptu situation.  

In the following resources, you will learn about the importance of the elevator pitch, examine the key elements to include, and best practices. Finally, you will get a chance to practice elements of the elevator pitch. The pitch outline will empower you with a basic script, but a true elevator pitch should be adjusted depending on the audience and situation encountered.   

Download Best Practice Resources

Got questions about how to approach your employer and/or manager and advice on how to navigate the workplace?  

Join the ASME FutureME LinkedIn Group to start conversations and interact with your peers and others diverse members to share experiences as an engineering professional within the workforce, gain insights into career path planning, and get tips on how to advance and succeed professionally. 

Early Career representation across the society:

Get Involved Shortcuts… ​

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