ASME FutureME is a community tailored to early career engineers (millennials, graduate students and young professionals with 0-10 years of work experience), that delivers on-trend content, resources, and networking opportunities to connect engineers, and provide the technical and professional tools necessary for the new generation to succeed in today’s workforce.

FutureME Mission Statement:

To be the well-known, easily accessible, go to source of career, technical and professional development content, resources and opportunities, tailored to engineers with 0-10 years of work experience, through online offerings and live (in person) events, and to facilitate community and connectedness among early career engineers using online forums and special events.

Our motto? FutureME makes ME better. Here’s how:

  • Connect and Network: Participate in live or online events, network with your peers, and make professional connections.
  • Practice and Develop: Present at one of the ASME FutureME Mini-Talks.
  • Learn and Share: The latest new skills, or find the up-to-date professional advice and technical news in engineering.
  • Volunteer and Lead: Join an ECE Programming Committee Team to volunteer with ASME while developing and gaining new transferrable skills for your overall career development. How to apply...


ASME FutureME Mini-Talks
ASME FutureME Mini Talks are a collection of short, peer-to-peer presentations delivered by early career engineers sharing their unique experiences and passion for their message. These impactful talks cover topics of interest for early career engineers, ranging from personal growth to career and professional development.

ASME FutureME Social Meetups
Part of ASME FutureME’s mission is to help early career engineering professionals increase professional visibility within their field through networking. We support connectedness by building an engineering community that fosters ongoing relationships, keeping your network fresh and current, while exposing early career engineers to new ideas.

ASME FutureME Social Meetups offer early career engineers the opportunity to meet new people, join a community of like-minded engineers and professionals face-to-face, and learn from experts as well as peers in the engineering field.

ASME FutureME Video Series
The series explores relevant technical concepts, industry trends, and workforce development issues in mechanical engineering for student and early career engineers. Learn from featured experts, your peers, and other industry professionals: get insight into career path guidance, network building, and steps in career advancement and management for professional and personal growth. Subscribe and Watch videos on the ASMEFutureME YouTube Channel.

ASME FutureME Resources
We bring you the current and relevant content and resources, tailor-made for engineers with 0-10 years of work experience, plus a broader view of opportunities and news from ASME. 

ASME FutureME Programs Grant
ASME Units interested in applying to the ASME FutureME Program Grant can submit their event proposals year round through the ASME GPS Requisition Tool. The grant provides up to $1,500 for each approved event or activity, with the opportunity to get an additional $500 if you provide video or written content that can be used by the FutureME Program. Learn how your ASME unit can apply today!

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